Employment opportunities

GlycoBac is seeking two motivated individuals to serve as Research Scientists. GlycoBac’s primary mission is to refine and commercialize improved baculovirus-insect cell platforms for recombinant protein and biologics production. One major effort focuses on glycoengineered baculovirus vectors and insect cell lines originally developed in Dr. Jarvis’ academic labs at Texas A&M University and the University of Wyoming (https://www.uwyo.edu/molecbio/faculty-and-staff/don-jarvis/). Refinement of these tools will yield new expression systems that can be used to manufacture recombinant glycoproteins with specific, pre-selected glycosylation profiles, including humanized profiles, that enhance their properties. Another major effort focuses on a current product already developed by GlycoBac, which is a virus-free insect cell line (Spodoptera frugiperda rhabdovirus negative; Sf-RVN). In a key partnership with MilliporeSigma, we are licensing Sf-RVN cells for use in biologics manufacturing. In addition, we are using Sf-RVN cells for Sf-rhabdovirus infectivity assays designed to detect contamination in insect cell lines use for and materials produced in insect cell-based manufacturing processes.

GlycoBac, LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer