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Expression plasmids

pIE1HRX, pIE1HRX-Neo, and pIE1HRX-Hygro are available for US$ 300 each, including shipping

pIE1HRX is a versatile, compact expression plasmid that is designed for transient or stable expression of the gene of interest in insect cell lines. pIE1HRX is a 3.9 kb vector derived with a compact multiple cloning site and an efficient minimal baculovirus p10 gene polyadenylation site. pIE1HRX contains the following elements:

· AcMNPV IE1 promoter for constitutive expression of the gene of interest

· AcMNPV HR 5 enhancer for increased gene expression levels

· Compact Multiple cloning site with 7 unique restriction enzyme recognition sites

· Ampicillin resistance gene for selection of transformants in E. coli

· AcMNPV p10 gene polyA for efficient termination and polyadenylation of the transcript

· The pUC origin for high copy number replication and maintenance of the plasmid in E. coli cloning strains.

This plasmid can be used with pIE1HRX-Hygro or pIE1HRX-Neo to generate stably expressing cell lines using Hygromycin or Neomycin antibiotic selection.

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