GlycoBac announces partnership with MilliporeSigma

GlycoBac has partnered with MilliporeSigma to facilitate the distribution of our Sf-RVN cell line for commercial vaccine and gene therapy vector production. In addition to distributing Sf-RVN cells through a cGMP cell bank, MilliporeSigma will offer a chemically defined medium formulation specially designed for Sf-RVN cells. See the announcement from MilliporeSigma

GlycoBac study highlighted in Virology

GlycoBac researchers recently published a peer-reviewed study on genetic variation and infectivity of Sf-rhabdovirus from different Sf cell lines in the December issue of Virology (Vol. 512, pp. 234-245)

This is the first published study to directly demonstrate Sf-rhabdoviruses can establish persistent, productive infections in Sf cells. It is 
the first study to directly demonstrate different Sf-rhabdovirus variants, including variants with a large deletion, are infectious for Sf cells.
The editors of Virology chose to highlight this study. In addition, we were invited to post a synopsis of our study on the Virology Highlights blog.

We thank the editors for recognizing the value of our work!

GlycoBac develops Sf-RVN, a new Sf-rhabdovirus-free S. frugiperda cell line for recombinant protein production

Sf-RVN is an Sf-rhabdovirus-negative S. frugiperda cell line. In 2014, Sf-rhabdovirus was discovered as a contaminant of all S. frugiperda cell lines tested (Ma et al.J. Virol. 88:6576). 

GlycoBac is currently providing Sf-RVN cells to interested parties under commercial Materials Transfer Agreements (for evaluation) and/or licensing agreements (for application) in various fields of use.
Please contact Dr. Jarvis directly for additional information.

Read the recent peer-reviewed paper describing Sf-RVN cells published in the Elsevier journal 'Protein expression and purification

Read another peer-reviewed paper published in the Elsevier journal 'Biologicals' about endogenous viral elements discovered by GlycoBac researchers in Sf-RVN and other cell lines.

Sf-RVN cells are a safer alternative to commonly used 
S. frugiperda cell lines. Listen to Prof. Dr. Jarvis talk about 
Sf-RVN cells and how they compare to Sf9 cells: