Sf-RVN is a new, Sf-Rhabdovirus-free S. frugiperda cell line that can seamlessly replace the widely used Sf9 cell line. 

Features of Sf-RVN cells include:
- No Sf-rhabdovirus contamination detectable by a highly sensitive nested RT-PCR assay over more than 100 continuous passages
- Growth rates in serum free medium identical to Sf9 
    Approximately 20 h doubling time in suspension culture in Expression Systems' ESF-921 medium without serum
- Recombinant protein productivity in serum free medium identical to Sf9 
    Tested for three recombinant proteins
- Higher baculovirus titers than Sf9 cells
    5 to 10-fold higher levels of infectious baculovirus progeny
- Better plaque assays than Sf9 cells
    Sf-RVN cells consistently produce larger, more distinct plaques in traditional plaque assays compared to Sf9 cells

How to get Sf-RVN cells:
GlycoBac is currently providing Sf-RVN cells to interested parties under commercial Materials Transfer Agreements (for evaluation) and/or licensing agreements (for application) in various fields of use. Please contact Dr. Jarvis directly for additional information.

Read more about Sf-RVN cells in our peer-reviewed publication in the journal 'Protein expression and purification'